Authentic Taste of India

Welcome to a unique dining experience. Our daily all-you-can-eat lunch buffet is a gourmet delight. The dinner menu offers a variety of tempting choices, including lamb, chicken, beef, seafood, an extensive vegetarian menu and freshly baked bread from our clay oven. Enjoy the Top Of India experience where you get the real Authentic Taste of India.

Top of India Specializes in......Tandoori Cooking! (Indian Clay Oven)

In India, a popular method of baking, roasting and grilling is called tandoori, named after the tandoor (clay oven), which cooks all three ways simultaneously. tandoor ovens were initially used for baking breads.

The dough was stretched, shaped, and smacked onto the sides of the pit and baked in about five minutes.

People were using tandoor in Punjab centuries ago before and during Moghul Empire. Punjab, already split between Pakistan and India, is famous for its adventous, outgoing, eat well-drink well Punjabis. This style of cooking was used for meats with whole chickens and large chunks of lamb lowered into the tandoor on specially designed skewers. It has since become one of the most popular cooking methods in Indian region.